This is a photo of Jenny Slate that I found on the Internet. Photo by Graham Dunn.
This is a photo of Jenny Slate that I found on the Internet. Photo by Graham Dunn.

I haven’t blogged in a while. It seems when my pen-to-paper writing increases, my digital attempts wane and vice versa. Weird how that is. If only science could explain.

However, perhaps the writing tide will change. My dear friend JG has started a travel blog. She’s gone to South America for three months – what an adventure! – and while she updates the world on her experiences in Cartagena, I can’t help but ask myself why I can’t do the same from the comforts of home. After all, every day is an adventure. But back to the digital vs. analog world and my distaste of duplicitous efforts. Why recount the trials, tribulations, and bits of awesome both digitally and by hand? Seems rather silly in my opinion.

Who cares really in the end. If you’re reading this, awesome, thank you. But I mainly write as a cathartic exercise to keep “me” sane. My escape from reality if you may.

Oh wells. This morning in Brooklyn…

The alarm went off at 550AM. One of those pre-programmed Apple alarms. Ever since I got my new phone I have yet to take the time re-download the ER theme into my iTunes and create the desired ringtone. Once I met an older gentlemen whose phone cried out the Kim Possible theme. I laughed. He shrugged. Apparently he was the showrunner…but I digress.

Slipping into my fluorescent running shoes, I stretched then walked down 6th Ave of Park Slope as the sun still peeked and climbed between the brownstones. My running partner S met me at a corner and together we worked our way up the hill, turning onto Flatbush Ave and stopping just for a moment at the entrance to Prospect Park. The air was thin and cool, like an October morning, but I kept reminding myself it was May.

We did our run and by 7AM I was in the shower, and by 730AM making myself a cup of French Press coffee. I caught up on the news, emptied, the trash, dressed in all black, and finally made my way to the 2/3 train so I wouldn’t be late to work.

I wish there were more time in the mornings, more time to linger with your cup of coffee as you absorb last night’s news. Like the train crash. But not this morning…

Till next time!


Welcome to August



It’s already August! So many things happening this month: Friends coming to visit, Oscar contending movies to see and of course the last official month of summer. So I guess, here’s to August! Found this lovely “August” photo on my current blog obsession An Early Morning Walk.