Freed of London


Rule Yourself

I’m a sucker for a good ad campaign and Under Armour just sent chills down my spine with this new commercial spot.

This Girl Can


This ad does its job well. I might actually be more inclined to workout after this and what a breath of fresh air it is not to see perfectly sculptedĀ figures running up abandoned stadium stairs.

A New Year, A New Day

Two days after arriving back to my room in Brooklyn, a good college buddy of mine named Georger decided to come for a visit.

After counting down to 2014 in Rebecca’s living room with a view (fireworks shimmering over The Statue of Liberty anyone?) we slept for a good nineĀ hours before embarking on our New Year’s Day adventure.


Morning subway trip to High Street to walk the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

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Georger’s first time out on the ice. I’ve never had to teach anyone to ice skate before and it was quite the enjoyable challenge having to put the physics of ice skating into words.

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Lunch break in Korea Town. We had some lovely barley tea and I discovered (and ate!) a little something called black rice. For dessert I found myself munching on a rice doughnut and hunted down some old favorites in a Korean bookshop.

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We ended the night with Georger’s friend Jason at Smalls jazz club. It was the first time for all of us. The drummer introduced himself to me and I slipped comfortably into the rhythm of the music as G + J chatted quietly in Chinese behind me.

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NBC Emmys vs. MTV VMAs

I love award shows. No question about it. Sunday nights I’d whip up something fantastic, create a spread that I’d be proud to pin on Pinterest, and would invite my friends over for the merriment and excitement.

However, this year, NBC decided to host the Emmy Awards on a Monday night. Why? For one, there’s football. But I didn’t believe that to be a solid reason. After all, in the year’s past, the Emmys would simply follow the Sunday Night Football broadcast which would give the award show a considerable lead in.

As it turns out, and reported by Deadline, the move to Monday night has something to do with the VMA’s which will be held the night before on MTV. Apparently, NBC, despite the increase in ratings in year’s past (and differing demographics!?) has decided that it doesn’t want to compete with the likes of Miley Cyrus grinding on Robin Thick’s man parts.

First, does NBC really think MTV is actually a rival to contend with? That’s like people still thinking that KU and Mizzou are rivals. Like these two midwest schools and the states they reside in (ignoring the deep seeded historical rivalry involving slaves of course), MTV and NBC are playing in different television categories. Network vs. Cable. A highly respected and revered award show ceremony vs. an often times salacious show geared toward mindless entertainment standards. Is there really a competition?

If anything, I’d think NBC would actually lose in ratings given the Monday night move. Especially in LA when people are still at work or engaging in extracurriculars during the still, early evening hour of 5PM. Even on the East Coast, 8PM is usually the time for an after work drink or getting the kiddos prepped and ready for school the next day.

I wish I could compare and contrast the market share and ratings numbers by network but apparently such information isn’t as readily available on the internet as one would think. At this point, wanting to delight in statistical, network data, it looks like I ought to be working for TV Line or The Hollywood Reporter. Having given a call up to Nielsen, apparently I’ll be contacted within one business day regarding numbers – we’ll see if that actually happens.

Bottom line: No one is going to want to attend an Emmy party on a work night, especially on a Monday, and I now have to sneak out of the office early just to get home in time to see Julianna Marguiles possibly win for The Good Wife.