OMG. Cannot wait. This might just be the first historical and racially charged movie (aside from 12 Years a Slave of course) I’m “excited” to see.

Movies: Handicapped Creatures

Now that my current copy of New York magazine is well worn, I couldn’t help but highlight this excellent quote from director Bennett Miller. He said, “Movies, unlike books or even plays, are really handicapped creatures…You can’t just tell a story. If you’re not successful at exploiting the full dimensions of moments, it ends up being less than it should be.” I then went on to read the Revolutionary Road screenplay and I’ve got some work to do in the writing department. Trailer for Miller’s upcoming, Oscar buzzing, Foxcatcher below.

PS: While I haven’t seen the movie yet, I did get a chance to load a version of the film up on my company’s projector for the colorists to do a butterfly pass – where they compare a digital copy vs. what is on the physical 35mm film side by side. Was way cool.


Paper Planes

Well this film looks absolutely delightful!

I really want to say that it looks yummy but I find that adjective confusing when trying to describe a warm and heartfelt movie trailer.