Thanksgiving 2015

A few selects from the annual Thanksgiving frenzy in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Poppyseed Lemon Cake

Deb Perelman never disappoints. My latest foray into her kitchen awesomeness involved Nadia and me recreating this Poppyseed Lemon cake. Emphasis on the poppy.

LemonPoppy-5 LemonPoppy-8 LemonPoppy-6 LemonPoppy-4 LemonPoppy-3 LemonPoppy-1 LemonPoppy-2

In the end our cake turned out a little crispy (I shook my fist at the oven) but next time around I think I’d add more zest!

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Summers in Brooklyn can be humid and taxing, especially when one’s favorite months are from October to March. But despite the season, I can’t help it when I get a hankering to bake! So this morning, I set out to make my mom’s cinnamon rolls.


Gone are my midewst days of expansive kitchen islands and endless counter space so I did some googling and found that if one used a pastry cloth (like this one), you can roll out your dough on just about any hard surface. Challenge accepted!

CinnamonRoll-10 CinnamonRoll-14 CinnamonRoll-12 CinnamonRoll-11

I followed the instructions better than most would and made a substitution for shortening as I did not have that readily in my pantry. Apparently using the same amount of butter usually does the trick.

In the end, my rolls came about a bit dry and crispy. I might reduce my baking time next round and perhaps be more generous with the butter and cinnamon.

CinnamonRoll-8 CinnamonRoll-6

However, when the roommate strolled in sleepy-eyed, half awake making coffee, I took joy in the fact that she reached for a roll and then quickly asked for a second ;DCinnamonRoll-1