What’s the Matter with the Emmys?

Maybe the true problem is the Emmys were awarding the mustache ;D
Maybe the true problem is the Emmys were awarding the mustache ;D

[ guest post by the super smart and witty Paige Blevins! ]

I struggle with television.

I am a fan, to be sure. But keeping up with a weekly installment makes me feel what Londoners in the 19th Century must have felt waiting for periodicals. That’s probably why I watch 10-episode HBO shows more than network television.

Television must transcend a singular watching. It has to pull viewers along week after week and, in order to do that, it has to be damn compelling.

Very few shows seem to keep my attention. I tried Breaking Bad – I binge-watched the entire first season – but episode after episode I found myself hating it and everything in it more and more. Oh, I love Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. And maybe the show just wasn’t made for me. I found about The Good Wife too late, and, because it’s not streamable, it got washed away and now I feel that it’s too late. And can we really be honest here? Mad Men is boring.

But that’s not really the problem. The problem is television awards.

This year, the problem wasn’t the content – Seth Meyers was hilarious, with back ups from Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, and even John Hamm. The In Memoriam was heartfelt (Sara Bareilles was amazing) and Billy Crystal was perfect.

The Problem is the awards themselves.

As I watched the telecast with a friend, we yelled out predictions as the nominees were announced. I knew, pretty much each time, who it would be. My friend looked at me in awe: You’re psychic!

No, I said, the Emmys are just predictable. Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and others – actually, are there any other television shows out there? The Emmys don’t seem to think so.

Of course, they recognized Sherlock, a brief glimpse into the quality that the Emmys could be awarding. But here, the Emmys sabotaged themselves.

As a life long fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a more recent fan of The Mindy Project, I seem to have become used to snubs. But despite the fact they failed to nominate Mindy (for writing, acting, best comedy – take your pick!), Orphan Black and a number of other deserving shows, the Emmys had a chance to give awards to the deserving and surprising.

With Breaking Bad out of the picture, maybe some other dramatic shows have a chance next year. And for the love of God, Emmys – stop giving Jim Parsons awards or soon CBS will have to cancel TBBT.

On second thought, award away. Maybe then someone else will win.