Seattle: The Needle

The last landmark we visited in Seattle was Seattle Center. I took in the massive Space Needle that loomed above as we crossed the grass and stone plaza. Indoors we grabbed burgers (I with a bottle of Manny’s Pale Ale) and took great joy in the blasting air conditioning.

The outdoor plaza, at first, reminded me of being at theme park but soon gave way to a peaceful sitting area and lawn overlooking a giant fountain. Families and friends screamed as they tried to push one another into the cascading water while others soaked up the sun on low sitting benches.



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The Space Needle was picture perfect and it was an amazing end to a perfect weekend in the Pacific Northwest.



Weary Travelers

Couldn’t help but photograph (albeit stealthily) this sleepy, little family on a Manhattan bound train from Brooklyn.

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Hello Again!

Oh the ride of life.

I’ve started up my running again now that my partner in crime has a fully healed pinky toe. I’ve also managed to have an Austen fest last week by watching the likes of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Clueless and reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The latter was rather silly but equally amusing.



Also in the book department, I managed to read in one sitting Aisha Saeed’s Written in the Stars. What a page turner that was!

In the creative land, I’ve managed to have one pre-production meeting for a beloved web series Michael and I hope to resurrect. I’m more hopeful this time around. Go team go!

On a different note, there’s the matter of Ferguson, MO. After watching the POTUS address the nation today on the matter (along with Iraq), I noticed that people took to Twitter to comments on his seemingly apathetic tone on the situation. However, what more can he do? After all, this was originally a state issue. But now, per Obama’s announcement, the FBI and Attorney General are now getting involved. With my brother, too, heading off to college this Friday in Missouri, I can’t lie and say this whole mess, on both sides I might add, hits a little close to home. John Oliver’s commentary is priceless below.

Over the weekend I brunched with Jess at French Roast and found out that in New York one cannot order a mimosa (or any alcohol) before noon on Sundays. I’m curious to know where other states fall on this matter. Word on the street is that in Kansas it’s only before 9AM one cannot order alcohol.

Lastly, I was finally able to see Calvary. What a shocking and moving film. I highly recommend and won’t say anymore on this matter for fear of giving anything away!

Lastly, I have noticed that as I become more frequent in my handwritten journaling of life, I fail to keep up with this blog and vice versa. One of these days I’ll find my happy medium ;D

Happy Emmys and Dorothy Parker week everyone!

Best Sandwich Ever!

Ok. So I literally had the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted. No lie. I thought really hard about this and I was all, “Nope, this one, this one right here, this is it.”

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What makes it even more perfect was that Ingrid and I made it ourselves!

For my birthday I was gifted Deb Perlman’s The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which was adapted beautifully from her blog. With Ingrid visiting for the weekend and a long Saturday ahead of us, we decided to make a picnic and enjoy our lunch on the green lawns of Brooklyn Bridge Park. But we’re poor (help!) and decided homemade would be the best way to go ;D Hence, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (thanks mom!).

The night previously, I procured our ingredients, choosing to forgo the onions (yuck) and unable to find a sour dough bread loaf in my price range. Instead, I had the Whole Foods baker slice a loaf of seven grain whole wheat in half, which in turn cut the price in half. FTW! I already had the garlic cloves, oil and red pepper flakes at home, which left the mozzarella, pasta and broccoli rabe. Again, I wasn’t going to pay a pretty penny for the cheese, so I opted for the block of mozz instead.

In the end, it was quite the ambitious affair, but we pulled off the perfect panini without a panini press. I don’t even know what we used; it was just a large iron thing with a handle that was heavy! Haha. Anywho, we ate our sandwiches by the water, post kayaking adventure (I ended up jumping ship!) and washed it down with ice cold Coca-Colas.

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While it was quite the effort to make I wouldn’t mid tackling this beyond perfect sandwich again!

An Unexpected Family

One of the aspects that I love about my mother’s side of the family is that there’s so many of us. My grandmother was one of 18 and through the years and generations, we’ve multiplied quite generously. That being said, I was happy to find out there was some of “us” living quite near to me.

One of my “new” cousins has a daughter who was just baptized on the Upper West Side and I graciously accepted an invitation to attend. Little did I know, that more cousins I had yet to meet gathered on the steps of Blessed Sacrament on that pale, Sunday afternoon as well.

It’s quite startling really to happen upon strangers and at first glance see your family reflected in them.

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In the end, that Sunday afternoon ended up being a real treat…and how adorable are those cheeks!

Seattle: Ferris & Ivars

The day after an epic fireworks display viewed from a hill in the florally, well kept neighborhood of Queen Anne, B and I ventured for a bit of Ferris Wheel fun and a late afternoon lunch at Ivar’s. She ordered the salmon burger, which I immediately regretted not ordering, and I happily munched on a plate of fish and chips while sipping a local brew – Manny’s Pale Ale. As we recovered from our adventurous wanderings through Olympic Sculpture Park, I took the opportunity to write to the siblings on a trio of post cards I picked up in Upper Queen Anne…


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