Lawrence Orchard Farms

Hello October! Is it really fall already? I can’t believe so much time has passed (and yet I can, fail). Fall movies are upon us, and with the thin, crisp air comes the urge to apple and pumpkin pick!

During the last weekend in September, Nadia, Rachel, and I went upstate to Lawrence Orchard Farms. We immediately developed veggie and fruit FOMO and had an amazing time picking our own apples, broccoli, peaches, kale and more!

2015_09_LOF-1 2015_09_LOF-17 2015_09_LOF-20 2015_09_LOF-23 2015_09_LOF-27 2015_09_LOF-14 2015_09_LOF-13 2015_09_LOF-5 2015_09_LOF-12 2015_09_LOF-4