Radial Filter

For whatever reason I enjoy the challenge of teaching myself a new software program. At times I wish I had an expert within an arms reach like I did with my first gig out of college (I’m looking at you Mr. Tinney), but alas, it’s just me and this morning I was like, what is this Radial Filter button?



The photo is of my grandpa’s flashlight. One of the things I was able to swipe from the estate sale. I also got away with an alabaster bookend of my grandma’s and it wasn’t until we were in the car heading home that mom discovered my stolen loot ;D

Anywho, the Radial Filter is neat. I love being able to isolate small segments of a photograph and manipulate it just so. It reminds me of what colorists accomplish in the DI theater during post production. Although, they’re usually having to work frame by frame for a whole scene where Lightroom is just for a single photograph. But still…

Wonder what new thing I’ll learn tomorrow. 


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