Harriet the Spy

In regards to children’s lit I’m still playing catch up to my friends who read such classics like Alice in Wonderland or The Secret Garden. This year I’ve already tackled A Little Princess (amazing!) and I just finished Harriet the Spy over the weekend. Where were all these spunky heroines when I was a kid?!

In elementary school, if it wasn’t a Civil Rights children’s book or something out of the American Girls collection I didn’t read it. And then middle school happened. I was suddenly reading the Harry Potter series, Michael Crichton’s fiction and non-fiction, Robin Cook’s medical thrillers, Tolkien, and Stephen King. Not sure what happened there transition wise…but I digress.

Here are some quotes I rather liked in Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy:

Always say exactly what you feel. People are hurt more by misunderstanding than anything else.

And this one:

When somebody goes away there’s things you want to tell them. When somebody dies maybe that’t he worst thing. You want to tell them things that happened after.

Last but not least:

Another thing. If you’re missing me I want you to know that I’m not missing you. Gone is gone. I never miss anything or anyone because it all becomes a lonely memory. I guard my memories and love them, but I don’t get in them and lie down. You can even make stories from yours, but remember, they don’t come back.

The end!


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