Saturday Flora on Carroll Street

I’m still pushing myself to bring my DSLR out when I go on mindless errands around the neighborhood…

LastWeknd-2 LastWeknd-1 LastWeknd-5 LastWeknd-3


Rule Yourself

I’m a sucker for a good ad campaign and Under Armour just sent chills down my spine with this new commercial spot.

Public Morals – TONIGHT

You guys! I can’t believe the day has finally arrived! After working on the pilot and then on S1, I can’t wait for everyone to see what I’ve been working on over the past year. Ed Burns stars, directs, and wrote TNT’s “Public Morals” with Spielberg himself as EP ;D Watch the premiere tonight on TNT at 10/9C !!!

TNT will post the first four episodes tomorrow for some binge action as well!

NYC Ballet

I’m a loyal ABT girl myself but I can’t help but love this pop up ad that I stumbled upon today:

Nutcracker tickets are already marked on my calendar and can’t wait to catch Justin Peck’s ‘Rōdē,ō: Four Dance Episodes this fall!