A Book Report


Bookwise, 2015 is off to a rough start. After pinning my wish list of books to read for the New Year, nearly 50% of them came in all at once. And who am I to wait? So I pocketed my reusable bag and trudged through the snow up to my local branch.

First in my bag:

– David and Goliath (Gladwell)

– Four Quartets (Eliot)

– Flatland (Edwards)

– Unaccustomed Earth (Lahiri)

David and Goliath proved informative, through provoking, but typical Gladwell assuming.

Four Quartets went slightly over my head – I’m more of a Dorothy Parker kind of girl when it comes to poetry – and Flatland was absolutely the worst. When I posted Flatland to Instagram I learned that a number of my friends had somehow been required to read this in middle school geometry and warned me that I’d hate it. They were right. Of all the maths in the world, geometry has always been a pain in my side.

But then Jhumpa Lahiri shined through with the first true literary gem in the new year with Unaccustomed Earth. Drinking in her prose is like swimming through cool, dark, silky waters on a warm summer’s day off the coast of Spain.

After surviving Lahiri, and returning my first four library attempts of the year, I came back to the apartment with The Bone Clocks (Mitchell), Love Me Back (Tierce), Kansas City Lightening (Crouch), The Underground Girls of Kabul (Nordberg), The Most of Nora Ephron, and Juneteenth (Ellis).

60 pages into The Bone Clocks it was time to return it and I wasn’t sad to see it go despite the excellent writing and character driven drama. Kansas City Lightening proved tedious and boring (I still need to learn about Charlie Parker though!) and Love Me Back may not be my cup of tea despite it’s literary accolades and the fact that it takes place in one of my hometowns – Dallas.

And while Underground Girls and Juneteenth still rest on my nightstand (a stool I swiped from a stoop sale this summer), Nora Ephron’s tome of life has taken my breath away only thirteen pages in.

For the sake of giddiness, I might return Ephron and purchase it outright and hop into Girls of Kabul instead.

Here’s to reading and here’s to February!


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