On Being Mixed and Casting

“For me it’s very exciting to see myself in history.  As a bi-racial women you get to be socially dextrous.  You get to experience both cultures And that’s only enriching and to be celebrated….. What Amma always talks about as well is who are we really or how we see ourselves. Or how society chooses to see us.  And I think for me personally as an actress you go out for all kinds of roles.  You know you try not to get typecast, but you want to do things that you see yourself doing.  You don’t want other people to endow you with labels.  For me it was refreshing to put that in my work.”–Gugu Mbatha Raw


Love this actress. And I always like to point out ” I knew of her when” she was in the failed JJ Abrams pilot “Undercovers.” ;D Still need to see Beyond the Lights though!


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