A Walk in the Woods

There’s something so serene in the thought of getting lost in the woods. Amongst the dried tree limbs, the crunch of dead, gnarled leaves beneath your feet, the whine of twisting branches, forever skyward in the wind, and that eerie feeling no matter what your eyes tell you…that you’re being watched.

The day after I arrived in KS for Thanksgiving, Drake and I took a walk in the woods. Our hands became frigid in the unyielding cold and we happened upon hunting blinds, rotting furniture, an abandoned cabin, tires, and even a skull.

I followed his red cap, winding through the muddy, brown trail, over chopped tree trunks, and down a slippery path that would lead us to a small stream. He climbed into a hunter’s blind and I kept telling myself that it was only the wind between the trees that I heard screaming out my name in hushed whispers.





























Justin didn’t want to go and before we reached the entrance, Ravyn too opted for a few hours of heated comfort in the living room. But not Drake and me…we were called to an adventure and with cameras in hand, we journeyed forth into the monotonous, brown, unknown.



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