Previously on ER: Part 5

Happy Thursday everyone and you now that that means…Throwback!


While it seems forever ago, in the winter of 2009, January to be exact, I called up my BFF and told her I was taking her on a trip to Burbank, California in an attempt to experience “ER” first hand before it shuttered forever. After all, April 2009 marked the end of an era but I needed to travel to my personal mecca before I could properly say goodbye.

So with our bags packed, Katie and I descended upon Los Angeles with only hope in our hearts. There were some minor hiccups, and close calls, but in the end, Katie and I found ourselves on the ER set watching the likes of Archie Morris (Scott Grimes) shoot a scene outside County General with fake, potato shavings snow falling around us.

I bested him with my ER knowledge and wit, talked with Stephanie (aka the nurse with no lines) and we soon found ourselves walking the hallowed halls of County General. It was in a word: surreal.




Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of ER’s premiere and I’m so happy to have been apart of such a groundbreaking and culturally significant show despite what pop culture may think today.

Oh yeh…we also visited the Warner Bros. prop department where they had staged the likes of Central Perk in a storage room. Our tour guide encouraged us “to play,” and so we took full advantage of the opportunity. We weren’t allowed to “play” on the ER set because they were already set for future scenes scheduled for later that day.





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