Previously on ER: Part 1


Little known fact: I’m a little obsessed with ER. Now, “obsessed” isn’t the word I’d choose per se, but from my friends and family, apparently “obsessed” accurately describes my constant “like” of this groundbreaking medical drama.

This week, ER will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary after premiering on NBC against a Monday Night Football game on September 19th 1994*. The rest, of course, is history.

Over the next six days, I hope to honor and educate the memory of a show that I feel has been snubbed and forgotten in it’s last years and after it’s 15 year run on NBC. Yes, the likes of American’s favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, but ER, the one everyone wants to toss aside, will always remain dear to my television enthused heart.

What’s On The Board?
Monday: A brief look at ER’s conception and the man behind the medicine, Michael Crichton.
Tuesday: An essay ;D
Wednesday: A “Top 20 Episodes” guide – I had to narrow it down from 331 episodes!
Thursday: A look back on January and April 2009 and how my friends helped me say goodbye.
Friday: A retrospective compliments of NBC ;D
Saturday: My one, only and probable final attempt at fan art tribute (I’m no teen!).

So sit back and tune in for “Previously on ER.”

– Mia

* The NFL game went into OT, Detroit vs. Dallas, and ER still was able to make an impression and blew it’s then rival, Chicago Hope, out of the water.


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