Fall TV: 2014

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via pinterest

Every September since middle school, I take great joy in hashing out my fall television watch schedule. Times have changed, technology has evolved, but despite the television set in my living room along with access to the likes of Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go, I’m still a network girl at heart.

So, without further ado, even though I probably will be watching these the morning after on Hulu given my hectic work schedule, here is a day by day breakdown of what I plan to watch this fall:

The Blacklist (NBC) – Still a “maybe” given I have yet to watch season 1.
State of Affairs (NBC) – I’ll give it three episodes.
Gotham (Fox) – Super excited about this premiere. I have no idea what to expect!
Sleepy Hollow (Fox) – can’t wait for the return of this ensemble, Abrams-esque drama 😀
Forever (ABC) – Looks cute but predictable. This will be like my Law and Order.

About a Boy (NBC) – Saw one episode last season and it looked cute. I’m going to give it a go this season.
New Girl (Fox) – I’m rooting for Cece and Winston to have better opportunities this season. Schmidt is lovely, Nick is my favorite and Jess just needs a restart button.
The Mindy Project (Fox) – !!!
Selife (ABC) – Watched the pilot online and I’m going to give it three episodes. From the writer/creator of Suburgatory (RIP) so I’m going to give it a chance.

Red Band Society (Fox) – New medical show FTW!
Blackish (ABC) – Probably the most relatable television I’ll ever watch. Cannot wait!

Parenthood (NBC) – The final season. Sad face.
Gracepoint (Fox) – A BBC adaptation that looks hell-a-intriguing!
Scandal (ABC) – I’m ready to give this show up but perhaps it’ll be my guilty pleasure this season…
How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) – Can’t wait to see what Shonda has up her sleeve with this Viola Davis led drama!
Um…where is PARAKS AND RECREATION?! I know it’s the final season and all, but is NBC really going to make us wait until the spring?!

The Good Wife (CBS) – arguably my favorite drama on television right now. More Kalinda please!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) – arguably my favorite comedy on television right now. Plus I live within walking distance of it’s establishing exterior shot of the precinct!
Madam Secretary (CBS) – I’ll give it three episodes. Looks tempting.

(Oh how I love scripted, quality television!)


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