Hello Again!

Oh the ride of life.

I’ve started up my running again now that my partner in crime has a fully healed pinky toe. I’ve also managed to have an Austen fest last week by watching the likes of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Clueless and reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The latter was rather silly but equally amusing.



Also in the book department, I managed to read in one sitting Aisha Saeed’s Written in the Stars. What a page turner that was!

In the creative land, I’ve managed to have one pre-production meeting for a beloved web series Michael and I hope to resurrect. I’m more hopeful this time around. Go team go!

On a different note, there’s the matter of Ferguson, MO. After watching the POTUS address the nation today on the matter (along with Iraq), I noticed that people took to Twitter to comments on his seemingly apathetic tone on the situation. However, what more can he do? After all, this was originally a state issue. But now, per Obama’s announcement, the FBI and Attorney General are now getting involved. With my brother, too, heading off to college this Friday in Missouri, I can’t lie and say this whole mess, on both sides I might add, hits a little close to home. John Oliver’s commentary is priceless below.

Over the weekend I brunched with Jess at French Roast and found out that in New York one cannot order a mimosa (or any alcohol) before noon on Sundays. I’m curious to know where other states fall on this matter. Word on the street is that in Kansas it’s only before 9AM one cannot order alcohol.

Lastly, I was finally able to see Calvary. What a shocking and moving film. I highly recommend and won’t say anymore on this matter for fear of giving anything away!

Lastly, I have noticed that as I become more frequent in my handwritten journaling of life, I fail to keep up with this blog and vice versa. One of these days I’ll find my happy medium ;D

Happy Emmys and Dorothy Parker week everyone!


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