Best Sandwich Ever!

Ok. So I literally had the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted. No lie. I thought really hard about this and I was all, “Nope, this one, this one right here, this is it.”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What makes it even more perfect was that Ingrid and I made it ourselves!

For my birthday I was gifted Deb Perlman’s The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which was adapted beautifully from her blog. With Ingrid visiting for the weekend and a long Saturday ahead of us, we decided to make a picnic and enjoy our lunch on the green lawns of Brooklyn Bridge Park. But we’re poor (help!) and decided homemade would be the best way to go ;D Hence, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (thanks mom!).

The night previously, I procured our ingredients, choosing to forgo the onions (yuck) and unable to find a sour dough bread loaf in my price range. Instead, I had the Whole Foods baker slice a loaf of seven grain whole wheat in half, which in turn cut the price in half. FTW! I already had the garlic cloves, oil and red pepper flakes at home, which left the mozzarella, pasta and broccoli rabe. Again, I wasn’t going to pay a pretty penny for the cheese, so I opted for the block of mozz instead.

In the end, it was quite the ambitious affair, but we pulled off the perfect panini without a panini press. I don’t even know what we used; it was just a large iron thing with a handle that was heavy! Haha. Anywho, we ate our sandwiches by the water, post kayaking adventure (I ended up jumping ship!) and washed it down with ice cold Coca-Colas.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

While it was quite the effort to make I wouldn’t mid tackling this beyond perfect sandwich again!

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