Why Not Try?


Those who know me well know that the television program “ER” is literally my favorite thing in the entire world.

That being said, I loved this pull quote from an article that was shared with me called, “The Birth of ER.” The article is about how the show was sold to NBC, yes, but it’s also about trusting your gut, convincing others to trust in you and to help see your vision through.

And it’s about the true cliche of never giving up if you believe in something — regardless of the circumstances that get placed in front of you. Who knows who’s right or wrong, really, at the beginning of the process? If you think you’re right, well, maybe you really are, and just maybe you can get everyone else on side to agree with you. So why not try?

– Tony Krantz

Also to note, this September will be the 20th anniversary of ER’s premiere. Watch out  television world 😀


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