Emmys 2014: Reaction to Noms


Not sure how I feel about the Emmy race or any awards race for that matter. Either, now after two years within the film and tv industry here in New York, I’ve become jaded or my head is no longer in the game. Gone are the days where I rushed to fill out my predictions, where I’d play a game with myself to see if I could best the academy on what I thought was good, quality television. Today there are too many contenders, too many networks, and all vying for a spot in such narrow fields.

I slept through the nominations announcement –  a first since I can remember. Even Mindy Kaling presenting this morning couldn’t even wake me from my cold medicine induced sleep. Over breakfast, as I sipped on hot tea to calm my itchy throat, I wasn’t surprised to find Orphan Black absent from the list, but was shocked to find The Good Wife, after such a wonderfully crafted season, left out of the Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Directing for a Drama, and Outstanding Writing for a Drama categories. The likes of Breaking Bad and True Detective seemed legit, after all, the male dominated cast, crew and audience rules all, does it not? Game of Thrones? Mad Men? The Sopranos? Off the top of my head, no research done, the only female led show to reach such Emmy nomination standard would be Sex and the City. After a quick look on Wikipedia, the show has been nominated over 50 times. SNL, ER, Cheers hold the top three places of most nominated series well within the three digits. Frasier is the winningest show of all time with 37 to its name.

This year, Netflix and PBS nearly have the same amount of nominations between them. HBO leads cable with 99 nominations and CBS has 37 for network television. Netflix, of course, leads the broadband pack with 31 nominations this year, nearly doubling its nominations from 2013.

Distribution is changing. Viewership is evolving. What does this mean for the future of TV? What does it mean for the creators? Where is the line between series and mini series? Luther vs. True Detective. Orange is the New Black vs. American Horror Story. Show me where the line in the sand is drawn and I’ll gladly inspect it.

All I can say is this: Orphan Black was rudely left out this year’s contenders. Mindy Kaling deserves a nod. I’ll be happy if Claire Danes goes home empty handed.

I’m off to watch The Leftovers


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