I Hate Running

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For over a month now, I’ve traded in my Ron Swanson style breakfasts for an alternative that better fits my current lifestyle. I’ve been orange juice free for seven weeks now – a true feat for anyone that knows me – and the thought of waffles and pancakes has my stomach turning.

Because my breakfast habits are now, for the most part (weekends are temptationville), controlled, I decided that adding in exercise to my daily routine would be the next natural step.

Fun facts: I hate running and I can’t afford the gym.

Growing up, my physical activity revolved around ballet, drill team and various stints on the grade school softball fields.  Running around the track during P.E. was not my thing. My friends and I avoided such dreadful mornings or afternoons beneath the oppressive, Texas sun by kicking a ball over the fence, which abutted a sleepy and amply shaded neighborhood. When we were sent to retrieve said ball, an older lady welcomed us with cookies and milk and we took our time with the “retrieval.” Eventually, a jealous classmate ratted us out but it was nice while it lasted.

Another example of how I avoided running was when I would position myself next to the fastest girl in my grade. I made sure the coach would see me next to her at the start of our laps around the field and while I let her lap me once, on  her second lap I caught up with her and passed the coach, thus both of us getting  marked for the same amount of laps. I was a running-avoidance genius!

That being said, have I mentioned my hate for running?

Like, I really hate it. Why I am running? Is someone chasing me with a knife? Am I about to get kidnapped? Is Katniss about to take me out during The Hunger Games?

I understand that running is as much mental as it is physical, but I feel like when it comes to running, it should involve life threatening situations.

Lucky for me, my friend “S” lives about 10 blocks north of me and so, at the beginning of last week, we made a pact to meet on a street corner in Park Slope and power walk / run our way around a predetermined 2.5 mile stretch. I’m good with a buddy system. The buddy is a distraction to what I’m actually doing, which is exercise, which is good for me.  And after all, we all need to get our heart rates up for about 30 minutes a day – so the experts say.

It’s been a week since I’ve started this running mess and I’ll admit it feels good. After I perfected my pre-run banana and water intake and figured out a breathing technique that worked best for me, I have to say, I’m starting to get the hang of this.

Am I the next Jackie Joyner-Kersee? Hell no. But, I am somebody who is learning to trust something new ;D




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