TV Upfronts 2014 – Fox

Fox, by far, has quite the eclectic mix of new shows on its docket, but one of the shows I’m most excited for – Red Band Society – has yet to have a trailer.


GOTHAM – Mondays

Fox has slotted Gotham alongside the cult hit Sleepy Hollow for Fall 2014. As the title suggests, Gotham is a prequel to the Batman franchise, exploring the lives of a young Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne. The elder grapples with turning around a broken city while the younger is dealing with the sudden death of his parents. Gotham boasts an all star cast with a new villian in tow being played by Jada Pinkett-Smith.

UTOPIA – Tuesdays

While I normally stay clear of any sort of reality television – except for Breaking Pointe, because you know, ballet is awesome – the concept behind “Utopia” is interesting. Basically the exec producer are placing varying personalities into wilderness to create and establish an Utopian society. What could possibly go awry? It looks like a non-murderous form of The Hunger Games in which the “tributes” must work together to build a new world.


Wayward Pines comes from the creative mind of M. Knight Shyamalan. It looks as if Matt Dillon, a secret service agent, gets trapped in a Stepford Wives type mindless society where there is no escape. It boasts an all star cast with an American Horror Story meets Stephen King vibe with the likes of Terrence Howard, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Leo, Carla Gugino and Matt Dillon in its midst. I’m curious to see why Wayward Pines is Wayward Pines, but I can’t see myself tuning in every week to watch the story unfold.

GRACEPOINT – Thursdays

Ripped from the UK’s “Broadchurch” – even including the lead David Tennant (Dr. Who, Harry Potter) – Gracepoint will play out as a 10 part murder mystery involving a small town where everyone knows your name. A 12 year old boy has been murdered and everyone’s a suspect. While Fox’s advertising paints Gracepoint as more dramatic than it’s BBC twin, I’ve only heard good things and can’t wait to watch. My only qualm is that a) Did Fox have to “remake” this series for American television so soon after the success of Broadchurch and b) it’s funny how they keep the male lead in David Tennant but swap out the original, brown haired and middle aged Olivia Colman for a younger looking blonde to play the female lead. Oh America. I’ve included both the Gracepoint and Broadchurch trailers below.


Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard lead this African-American centered familial drama about how a dying father tries to secure his empire’s – a hip label – future. Three sons have their eye on the proverbial throne and his ex-wife, played by Henson, has her eyes to tear it all down. Timbaland, as well as other, current hip-hop artists plan to contribute to this show but I hope Empire’s foundation is strong enough to hold up all the entangled plot lines.


Starring Rainn Wilson, Backstrom looks to be the comedic, crime solving version of House.


After watching the trailer I’m still not entirely sure what this show is about, but it looks like a mashup between ancient Egypt and Game of Thrones with a supernatural twist.


Executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Mulaney centers around, well, Mulaney and his eccentric group of New York friends. If  you ask me, it looks like the makings of a modern day Seinfield. Plus, SNL’s Naseem Pedrard co-stars.

Can’t wait for the Red Band Society trailer to be released!

Oh, and note but maybe least, there’s LAST MAN ON EARTH. Not sure how this works episodically, but this comedy follows Will Forte as the last man on earth.

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