We’re Heading Into Upfronts…

Network television upfronts start next week and there’s three shows already on my radar that I’m super excited about!


Fox’s “Gotham,” which hails itself as prequel to Batman. We follow young Jim Gordon as he desperately tries to turn around the city of Gotham as the pre-teen Bruce Wayne deals with his parents’ sudden death.

ABC’s “Black-ish” centers around an upper middle class African-American family as the patriach comedically struggles to raise his “color blind” children with a sense of identity. I think I’ve finally found a TV show that I can literally relate to!


Fox’s “Red Band Society.” Adapted from the Catalan (Spain) drama of the same name, Octavia Spencer leads this hospital drama about teens living in the pediatric unit of a hospital.

However, we must all mourn the loss of a witty comedy called Suburgatory that was cancelled earlier today by ABC. What a shame to lose such a spectacularly funny ensemble comedy. You’ll be missed and remembered!



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