An Evening on Grove Street

photo (3)

Up until last night, I had yet to have my quintessential New York restaurant experience. But thanks to Rebecca and Ariana, Buvette delivered just that.

Tucked away on Grove Street in the West Village, just off of Bleeker Street, sat the glass and wood front of Buvette. It’s narrow inside was tightly packed with gold bulbs illuminating the mahogany and marble space within. The waning sun lit the sky in a deep, magnificent blue, which perfectly complimented the stringed lights on the back terrace. 20s Parisian tunes played in the background and a den of lively conversation filled the intimate space.

It helped to that our French hostess looked like a long haired Jake Gyllenhaal and that we were celebrating my birthday! We were seated near the back, next to the kitchen door – which turned out to be excellent – and we were greeted warmly by our windswept waitress clad in a blue and white striped apron as if she were making the dishes herself.

The physical menu in and of itself was a real treat! Easily only 5×7 and folded in two, it even boasted a cut out popup of the Buvette logo as we opened them to peek at what was inside. Everything sounded so French and so delicious! After a bout of indecision on all our parts we ordered a bottle of the Cabernet Franc and for an appetizer the “Proscuitto di Parma.”

For the main course we selected three “small plates” and for the life of me I should have written them down! The first was a mussels dish with the most delicious sauce I have ever tasted. The second was a mash of cod, potatoes, cream and milk spread over crisp bread and the third was a perfectly baked Cornish hen that fell right off the bone. Everything, literally, was delicious. I’m a picky eater, didn’t try strawberries until college, and what I experienced at Buvette was in one, true word: Amazing.

We only left after the surprise chocolate mousse topped with what I believed to be crème fraîche made us swoon for another round of these Parisian eats!

Needless to say, I see another trip through the always picturesque West Village to Buvette in my near future.



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