Austin + San Antonio

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After a few short weeks back in the city, I jetted off to Texas once again. This time, to Austin and San Antonio.

It’s such a shock returning back to the flatlands and rolling hills of Texas. In Austin, or rather, outside of Austin in a small, 13 square mile city called Taylor, I found myself lazily sitting on a porch swing, reading “Passing” by Nella Larsen, and soaking up the thick, warm, sultry weather. It was peaceful sitting out on the porch with the low hanging grey clouds keeping their rain within. The grass was green. Sprinklers putted out water. Kids walked home on the hot cement, fresh from the tired, yellow school bus.

Inside the house was a different story. It was my friend’s wedding day and after a hurried breakfast, everyone scrambled inside to get ready for the big day. Hairspray was flung between the bathrooms, makeup was being airbrushed, and curlers were being set while most of us hung out in our multicolored, floral robes compliments of the maid of honor. The full kitchen boasted quite the homemade breakfast spread and the eclectic mix of collected items scattered throughout the well lived in country house added to the air of restlessness. But in between the tasks and duties, I escaped o the lazy front porch with the blue floorboards and white twirling fans above me to get lost, once again, in Clare Kendry’s struggle for acceptance.

Hours later, in the car, weaving up and down and between the hills of Jonestown, Texas, I took in the picturesque view that would take us to the wedding venue, The Villa Antonia. Stepping out into the earthy gravel it was as if I was stepping onto the Italian inspired set of The Godfather. While the property was originally built in 1996, sprawling an impressive 19,000 square feet, you couldn’t help but believe you had stepped back into time. The view was breathtaking and the air was soft with evening and the wedding fast approaching.

The next day, in San Antonio, I was greeted with a clear blue sky and the air was like dry, warm silk. During our miniature golf session I donned my shades and soaked up the sun, scoring a hole in one and afterwards taking refuge in the cool air-conditioning of Starbucks. We sipped on ice coffees, debated the importance of Nurses Appreciation Week vs. Teachers Appreciation Week, and ended our evening at Yardhouse sampling a wide selection of beers.

Monday morning I was back in New York, amongst the towering buildings, cool, spring winds, and blooming pink and white trees.

Three more weeks to go until I’m back in Texas again for my littler brother’s HS graduation!


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