Notes on a Wedding Photographer

For the past three years, when it comes to my friends’ weddings, I’ve either been a guest, a photographer, or a bride’s maid. Given that photography is a lucrative side hobby of mine and I usually bring my DSLR to these fun filled events, I couldn’t help but notice that the last wedding I attended, the photographer was quite brusque.

From what I’ve learned, practiced, and observed the photographer should be a fly on your shoulder, Harry beneath an invisibility cloak, capturing all the important moments. Yes, for posed shots, they must insert themselves into the situation and style the photograph accordingly, but not at their disagreeable behest.

As I helped my fellow bride’s maid ready my friend for her walk down the aisle I couldn’t help but be appalled at how the wedding photographer barked us around. I’m sorry if while lowering the bride’s dress for her to step into we weren’t silhouetted in the perfect light. That’s not our job. It’s the photographer’s job to know her craft in and out and to capture these moments and accommodate as such. The very fact that she wanted me to reposition my stance as I struggled to hold the train of the veil above my head – both the bride and bride’s maid were taller than me  – as my fellow bride’s maid lowered it perfectly into the bride’s well crafted bun was quite frustrating.

I suppose the point is this: if you’re going to take up any type of event or journalistic photography, know what you’re doing. And even if portraiture is your end goal, you won’t get far by barking your subjects around.

On a lighter note, below is one of my favorite shots I took with my iPhone while the house scrambled to get ready for my friend’s big day!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset




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