The Last Call

The excellent writing, acting and editing is what truly made last night’s emotional wreck of “The Good Wife” an epic journey through the pangs of grief and loss.

In “The Last Call,” we find the ensemble cast dealing with Will’s death in their own remarkable ways. Between Alicia on cold and closed autopilot trying to make sense of Will’s final moments to Kalinda teasing the gunman with an out via suicide, the writers of this acclaimed show brought fans to their knees.

Even better, towards the end of the episode, the writers live tweeted their summary of what the episode aimed to do.


Not since Dr. Greene’s death on ER have I felt such a emotional anguish over a fictional, television character’s death.

Dr. Greene during "On the Beach"
Dr. Greene during “On the Beach”

I will say, however, I did have a LOL moment when Alicia, standing near the automatic doors of the downtown, Chicago ER said, via phone, that she was at “Chicago General Hospital.” All I could think about was her (Juliana Marguiles) as Nurse Hathaway standing in the downtown Chicago ER known as “County General.”


It’s going to be hard to follow such a top-notch set of episodes but can’t wait to watch the rest of the season staring in two weeks! I only hope that the Television Academy will finally recognize this creative force’s excellent storytelling chops. Everyone deserves an Emmy!




I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since Selena’s death. One of my favorite songs, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, below.

One of these days I should look up the translation to this song.

Pasta with Garlicky Broccoli Rabe


Until recently, I was a two trick pony in the kitchen. My tried and true mainstays included blackened tilapia with broccoli and spaghetti with broccoli. Thankfully, I discovered Smitten Kitchen (both the blog and book!) and she has rescued me from my tilapia and spaghetti doldrum.

Last night I tried, “Pasta with Garlicky Broccoli Rabe.” While my photo skills are no where near Deb’s, I did photograph my culinary attempts with my trusty iPhone 4.

I also tweaked the recipe a bit by adding andouille sausage and refusing to pay $10 for a block of parmesan. Instead, I settled on a generic, shredded three-cheese blend from Whole Foods that contained the needed parmesan in question.







In the end it was quite the spicy and tasty meal.

Come by Fire, Come by Rain…

So much hurt (fictional hurt, yes) still resonates over the loss of The Good Wife’s Will Gardner played by Josh Charles.

In an interview given to, Charles gives his final thoughts on leaving The Good Wife, “I know people will be shocked and some fans will be upset, and maybe even angry, and I can take the hit on that one. If they’re going to blame anybody, they can blame me. But I think it’s going to send the show in a new direction and it’s going to just keep being fantastic. I’ve been really proud to be a part of it. It’s the longest job I’ve ever had. I leave with my head held high and feeling, hopefully, that I contributed in some small way to make it what it is.”

The haunting music from the trailer comes from Sara Jackson-Holman’s “Come by Fire.”