Je suis fatigué du cinéma

For the first time ever (scary!) I think I’ve over done it on the movies leading up to the Oscars. The very thought of paying $15 or more for a ticket and stepping into a dark cinema stresses me out. My once relaxing haven has turned into a place I dread. This is not good.

In just a few days, the Oscars will air and we’ll find out who in all their cinematic glory will be named the kings and queens of Hollywood. But for me, the magic has fizzled. One reason I suspect is that I, “know too much.” Gone is the thin veil that used to shield me from the politics of cinema. While I’m happy for the exposure, the experiences have left me a bit disillusioned to possibly my favorite past time.

The solution? For one, I plan to stop seeing films based solely on the premise that the critics say that its noteworthy. I’m quite displeased that I spent money on Her and I remember when The Hurt Locker was blowing up and then won the Oscar for Best Picture, after finally seeing it, I was still mad at myself for time wasted. I should just trust my gut and say no to films I somehow intrinsically know I’m not going to enjoy. Captain Phillips and Inside Llewyn Davis I’m proud to say I haven’t seen despite the reviews swirling around the Oscar buzzing atmosphere.

On that note, the next film I definitely plan on seeing is Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Also on the curiosity radar are The Lunchbox, a small independent, Indian film, Like Father Like Son, a Japanese film exploring the ever evolving theory of nature vs. nurture and Elizabeth Bank’s new comedy Walk of Shame. And let’s not forget the much anticipated new X-Men film debuting in May: Days of Future Past! Trails below ::


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