Get up earlier and do more work

©Peter Harholdt for Amelia Island Concours, Gary & Diane Cerveny Collection

“One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that if you drive into London at 6am, half of the cars on the roads are Porsches and Astons. Whereas if you go in at ten to nine, they’re all Renaults. Simple solution, then. You want a nice car? Get up earlier and do more work.” — Jeremy Clarkson


Favorite Movie Theaters in NYC

movie still taken from Cinema Paradiso
movie still taken from Cinema Paradiso

I probably haven’t lived here long enough to officially make this report, but after one and half years in the city, here’s a list of my favorite cinemas to catch the latest flicks!

For the blockbusters:

AMC Lowe’s E. 19th Street – Half the theaters are tucked below the city streets but a great location nonetheless. Just make sure it’s warm enough to stand in line at the outside box office. Plus, it’s only walking minutes away from Shake Shack and there’s a Duane Reade across the street if you don’t want to give in to the theater chain’s overpriced movie snacks. Most recent viewing: American Hustle

Regal Cinema (Union Square) – just moments away from The Strand (yes I judge the awesomeness of theaters by its proximity to bookstores) this multilevel multiplex offers many new releases on the hour. Most recent viewing: The Book Thief

AMC Lincoln Square (UWS) – Plush red velvet seats, balcony seating, an IMAX, three levels of theaters to indulge your cinematic senses in, this is by far the best megaplex Manhattan has to offer. Plus you might catch your favorite film star at its many screenings and premieres here. Most recent viewing: Her

For the independently inclined:

Sunshine Cinema – located in the East Village and offers amazing showcases of your favorite childhood films. Most recent viewing: Out of the Furnace

Lincoln Plaza (UWS) – Usually an older crowd but by far has the best selection. Most recent viewing: 12 Years a Slave

IFC – Located on the bustling edges of West Village, this location is one of the best places to watch your latest favorite film alongside the filmmakers and stars themselves. Most recent viewing: The Central Park Five

Elinor Brunin Munroe Film Center – Clean, modern, fresh but it can sometimes be “too film school grad” if you catch my drift. Most recent viewing: A Little Princess (loved seeing it on the big screen!)

Side notes:

1. While the AMC in Times Square may be pretty awesome, just, never go to Times Square. It’s not worth it.

2. While I haven’t been myself, apparently the Regal Cinema in Battery Park is AMAZING. Perhaps it too will be showing up on my list, but for now, I’m happy to use those AMC gift cards Santa bestowed upon me during the holidays.

(1)ne Drop


I’m honestly still processing my reaction to the discovery of Yaba Blay and her absolutely amazing photographic project entitled (1)ne Drop.

She writes, “Often times, we live by stereotypical notions of “Blackness” and believe that “Blackness” is (or should be) a homogeneous identity – one that should be visually identifiable. In this way, we think we know what “Black” looks like. Consequently, when confronted with people who self-identify as “Black,” but do not fit into our stereotypical model of Blackness, many of us not only question their identity, but also our potential relationship to them. Whether it is their skin color alone, or the combination of their skin color with any number of physical characteristics, something about their particular physical appearance compels us to call their Blackness into question.”

This project, her book, it challenges these perceptions.

How refreshing it is to see yourself in others, in a community of those going through the same aches and pains that comes with the question, “What are you?”

This inspires me to develop a project of my own, to take a photographic and oral history of my surviving family who, in the 1800s were considered white in Louisiana but black the moment they stepped foot in red dirt Oklahoma. And while my mother is a very proud and fair-skinned black woman, my father sees his blackness with an evolving sense of identity. After all, it was kind of confusing growing up with the constant messages of “You’re Black!” when in the mirror I only saw a light skinned girl with copper freckles sprinkled about.

But I digress. Take a moment to look at the (1)ne Drop project and if you’re cool like that, you can buy the coffee table book on Amazon. Perhaps now my adorable little brother who is perhaps at least five shades darker than me can finally stop asking if our grandma was white!

Just Read: The Good Nurse


Not only does Graeber take you on a terrifying and thrilling medical journey full of mishap and terror but he also sets the stage for bigger questions left unanswered by the professional medical communities. I definitely recommend this if you’re at all interested in modern healthcare practices and aside from the random typos littered throughout the first edition, it’s definitely worth the heart pounding adventure.