Just Read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


This year I’ve decided to re-read JK Rowling’s seven book Harry Potter series. After re-reading the first book, I couldn’t help but wonder a few things. Like, how is Harry not afraid of death? The boy’s 11 and he’s off and ready to fight the same notorious wizard who killed his parents. I’m sorry, at 11, I’d probably run in the opposite direction but I suppose I’d be in Hufflepuff anyways.

Secondly: the Mirror of Erised. It was so freaking sad! How my 12 year old self did not cry when reading that chapter is beyond me but this time around, my emotional heart strings were definitely pulled.

Third, is this: JK Rowling is a wizard with words. I was immediately pulled into the magic. I initially feared with re-reading these books as an adult that the magic would somehow be lost, that my stunted view of the world would somehow shutout the possibilities of this imaginary one. However, I’m happy to find out that there’s still a child left inside of me filled with the same wonder and awe that attracted me to this series in the first place!

Thank you mom for listening to NPR all those years ago and picking up Sorcerer’s Stone from the local bookstore for me!

Ok, now onto book two: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


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