Oscars: Nominations Day Predictions

Tomorrow is Oscars Nominations Day and The Academy Awards is my Super Bowl. I’ve been watching as many films as possible from August until now and every year I like to make a bet with myself. You see, I try to guess which Best Picture nominated films will be chosen and if I win (yes, against myself) I’m allowed a pint of chocolate ice cream.

In years past, it was less of a struggle to accurately guess which films would be nominated given the strict rules on how many could be nominated. First it was five. Then it was 10. Now, however, anywhere between five and 10 movies may be nominated. What’s a guesser to do!

So this year I’ve decided to guess seven films with three waiting in the “maybe” pool. How will I score myself come tomorrow morning? I have no idea, but if I feel I’ve accurately predicted the outcome, then, hello Mr. Chocolate Ice Cream!

Here are the top seven that I feel have a good chance of receiving a nomination for Best Picture ::

12 Years a Slave

American Hustle

Wolf on Wall Street


Nebraska (can’t believe I’m picking this one!)

Philomena (I think this one has a good chance, yeh?)

Captain Phillips (Haven’t seen this one but it’s been nominated across guilds)


Dallas Buyers Club

Saving Mr. Banks

In random category news, I hope No Place on Earth earns a nomination in Best Documentary, Wadjda earns a Best Foreign Film nomination and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty receives a nom for Best Cinematography.

Whew. There we go. That wasn’t so bad. Tune in tomorrow, 830 ET for the live broadcast announcement here!


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