Hot Creamy Love [ tea ]

This morning I was asked to make something called “hot creamy love” to which I responded, “What?” Fortunately, the marvelous Philiane Phang was on hand to show me just how exactly to make this milky tea concoction.








All you need is (2) bags of Numi Earl Grey Tea, (1/2) pack of Truvia, about (1/2) cup of milk, and hot water. It takes about 10 minutes to make depending on your stove top.

  1. Assemble the ingredients
  2. In a large sauce pan, pour milk and place on stove on medium – high heat
  3. Fill mug with 3/4 hot water and let tea steep
  4. As the milk begins to steam, stir in a clockwise motion
  5. Don’t forget to give it some “love”
  6. Once milk starts to froth / boil, turn off burner and pour slowly into tea taking into account not to let the milk “film” get into the mug
  7. Stir a few times for mixing and whalah, you’ve got Hot Creamy Love



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