A Tburd in NYC

My mother (aka Tburd) and her two friends came up for a visit this past weekend and man did we have a good time! They came in on a Friday and I met up with them for dinner at Spring Street Natural where we sipped on glasses of Malbec and discussed the finer points of teenagers in the workforce building character. Later we headed back to The James hotel in SoHo and went up to the rooftop bar, Jimmy, for some ice heavy mojitos. The music was loud, the crowd we deemed “interesting” and we finally said goodnight a little after midnight.



Saturday came and after breakfast at 12 Chairs we headed to the Theater District to see Motown. Even though all four of us were separated once inside the theater, we truly enjoyed ourselves during the musical trip down memory lane.






After the show we meandered our way into the tourist infested Times Square and the ladies of Coca-Cola (where they all work) had to take a picture with the iconic Coca-Cola signage. And apparently The Disney Store was a must and I absolutely loved how their faces lit up at the magical world that is the Disney store.




Shake Shack on the Upper West Side was next on our list and then we headed into Central Park for Lianne La Havas’ Summer Stage¬†concert. We luckily snagged some bleacher seats and watched the sunset over the stage. Lianne was flawless, like always, and I absolutely loved singing along with the other hundreds of fans out on the lawn. After leaving Central Park we had drinks and mussels at Ditch Plains before calling it a night.


Sunday was a leisurely day. We had brunch at Cafe Lalo then walked 5th Ave entering the likes of Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman. I fell in love with these Piamita pajamas – $200+ by the way – and stopped touching the clothes when I realized I was holding a dress that cost $5k!

Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” anyone?

We ended our day with a dress purchase at Madewell – this guy – and dinner at Jane in SoHo. Once in our rooms, my mom and I switched into our PJs, climbed onto the king size bed and watched HBO’s Newsroom.

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