TV Upfronts 2013 :: CBS

CBS has never been a go-to network for me despite my love for The Good Wife. However, like the other network stations, CBS unveiled their plans for the fall this week.


I was half hoping this would be a spin-off of New Girl and would chronicle the newly widowed Mrs. Miller (Nick’s mom) but it turns out that’s not the case. Instead, with Up All Night calling it quits and CBS wanting to add to their comedy slate, we have this slightly uncomfortable sitcom.

MOM ::

I mean, c’mon. It’s Chuck Lorre and Anna Faris and CJ Allison Janney. Just watch it already!


Wish you could watch Jason Bourne on a daily basis? Now you can! Also, to counter Abrams’ cop thriller Almost Human, I kind of like the line about making humans more robot vs. robots more human.


I’m assuming here the title of this new CBS comedy starring Robin Williams (sorry, not a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan) is an allusion to Apple’s now famous “Think Different” campaign. Clever. Also on a clever note, having your show set in ad agency means numerous opportunities for product placement and celebrity plugs. After all, how many times did we see McDonald’s and Kelly Clarkson’s in this teaser? Suddenly I need a Big Mac and to download a song off of iTunes! In the words of Dwight Schrute: False! Hopefully TV watchers won’t be manipulated so easily…


Yes. You are men. Now what? Interesting ensemble though.


Maybe it’s because I’ve only seen Toni Collette in comedic roles did I initially think that this new CBS drama was actually a comedy. But when people started threatening her family and wanting to kill the president, well then, I took the smile off my face. I’m not sure how this will be treated episodically but it looks like a good made for TV movie.


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