TV Upfronts 2013 :: FOX

Fox unveiled the seven new shows they’ll be adding to its lineup this fall earlier today. I wanted to hit the pause button on three of the trailers – DADS, RAKE and ENLISTED – but the following four are worth checking out.


There’s something almost nostalgic and at the same time modern about this cop comedy starring SNL’s Andy Samberg, the respectable Andre Braugher and the lovable Terry Crews. It offers the perfect mix of comedy and heart and out of the rest of these, I’ll put my money as this one as the winner!


Laughing out loud at “Do you know him?” in regards to knowing George Washington on this modern twist of the legend of Sleepy Hollow sold me on this show. Not only does the cast seem to emit perfect chemistry but the comedic timing for this drama was nearly perfect. However, I can see the show becoming muddled with conspiracy and overarching theories, but if they keep it clean with dashes of mystery, it might just score its back nine.


If only J.J. Abrams’ name guaranteed a hit, then this futuristic sci-fi genre shouldn’t worry. But with Fringe out the door coupled with Alcatraz and UnderCovers barely getting any screen time, let’s hope his next endeavor proves fruitful. It’s intriguing and different and Michael Ealy as an Android is, well, amusing.

US & THEM ::

I’m taking off points for the unoriginal title and mismatched emotional music cues the editor of this trailer wanted me to relate to actual feelings. But gosh darn it (!) the pairing of Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel is just too darn cute! It’s also a little incestuous considering that Mr. Ritter played Lauren Ghrahm’s love interest on Parenthood over on NBC. It’ll be interesting to see what stories this series puts forth.

In the end, I hope Fox has at least one new killer comedy hit on their hands. After all, I’ll never tire of The Mindy Project.

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