TV Upfronts 2013 :: ABC

ABC had their go today with television upfronts for fall 2013 and they presented a mixed bag of shows ranging from the raunchy comedy of Rebel Wilson to a Once Upon a Time spinoff. Here. We. Go!


Now if only they could do a crossover with The Mindy Project.


I’m more excited to see Bradley Whitford return to television than anything else about this show but having the POV from the trophy wife’s perspective is going to be kind of awesome.

LUCKY 7 ::

Not sure how this story line will carry from week to week, but if it were a movie I’d go and see it.


Looks like a mix between a white version of Everybody Hates Chris and The Wonder Years. I might just catch this one on Hulu.

S.H.I.E.L.D. ::

I’m only watching the pilot because ER alum Ming-Na is playing what looks like a total badass.


Well hello Omar Epps. I wonder if this is his first TV show where he won’t be playing a doctor *cough* ER and House *cough.* MD aside, while this looks like an interesting premise, I’m not seeing its potential longevity. However, they could treat it like House of Cards or the last season of Fringe and have it all a be about that one boy’s story for the entire season.


It’s like someone really loved Inception and thought of a practical, non futuristic / sci-fi application for planting the idea seed. This show has guts and I’m curious to see in what ways they can go about manipulating society. Will they ever be caught? Hope so.

The other new ABC shows failed to capture my curiosity. Sofia Vergara’s KILLER WOMEN lacks depth, BACK IN THE GAME looks too cookie-cutter, BETRAYAL just looks uninteresting, I have no opinion about MIXOLOGY and ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND…just say no.


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