TV Upfronts 2013 :: NBC

There’s been a plethora of news today concerning NBC’s Fall 2013 upfront presentation and out of the six freshman shows coming to the peacock network only one has grabbed my attention.

First up and my favorite :: THE MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW


After watching the trailer I decided that I’d at least watch the pilot for this CIA/FBI drama. While it certainly has elements of Alias in the mix (remember when Sloan turns himself in for the betterment of society and self…or did he?), I also noted it’s potential to evolve into something more powerful. However, I hope the female lead has a stronger presence than what the teaser shows and yes I’m comparing her to Alias’ Sydney Bristow and SVU’s Olivia Benson.

Third on the “like” list :: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY

Cute. Endearing. Great cast. I’m curious to see how far the story lines can travel the arc of the season. I hope it does well but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t receive a back half.

Fourth :: IRONSIDE

While I probably won’t be tuning in to catch this House-esque cop drama, I will say that I’m happy to see a black lead. I’m looking at you Blair Underwood.


The minute I heard the laugh track I crossed it off my list. However, I’m glad to see that Sean Hayes has a show.

Lastly :: DRACULA

I’m curious to know how much money NBC is willing to put into a period piece and supernatural focused show. On that same note, aren’t we done with vampires? With such high production costs I’m worried that this show will be cut prematurely.

NBC has two or three winners in this lot and I’m glad to see some ER alums scattered throughout. Also to note, Parenthood will be moving into ER’s coveted 10PM time slot on Thursdays. Let’s just hope it won’t pull a Snape and end its run next season.


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