We’re the Millers

The TLC reference…priceless.


Into the Woods…

There’s nothing like a nice trek through Ft. Tryon Park and getting caught in the rain…



















I refuse to watch reality programming this summer…

As finales air and television conglomerates promote its fall schedules, there’s still the void of summer to fill with catching up on shows I had stopped watching for one reason or another. I’ll also be giving into friends’ requests in checking out their new favorites as well. After writing down all the shows involved for my summer 2013 watch-fest before my fall favorites (and newbies) return, I realized I have A LOT of catching up to do. This list almost makes me want to break out Excel and make a schedule.

On the plate for this summer ::

GBB aka Good Christian BItches – What can I say? I’m nostalgic for Dallas.

Parenthood – I’m halfway through  season 4 and want to see if Ray Romano steps up to the romantic plate opposite Lauren Graham. I’m also curious to see if Christina having cancer makes her a sympathetic character.

Glee – I just need to finish out the season and then call it quits on this show.

SNL – The final three episodes I hear are worth the watch.

Felicity – As an ardent JJ Abrams fan, I feel it necessary to my fandom to watch his first network television endeavor.

Go On – My brother loves this show and I love my brother…and Matthew Perry. Also, it’s been cancelled so one season can’t hurt.

Community – Does this need an explanation?

Modern Family – Playing catchup. Lily is my favorite.

Happy Endings – I really hope ABC doesn’t cancel this show. It’s the new Friends without saying it’s the new Friends because if you say it’s the new Friends you’ll jinx it…I’m currently knocking on wood.

Spy – OMG, if you haven’t watched this British comedy yet you’re definitely missing out. Besides, an American version is currently in development and won’t be as awesome.

Suburgatory – Oh the hilarity. I’m also little miffed that some of the episodes already expired off of my HuluPlus account.

Pretty Little Liars – Both of my roommates are hooked and I’m tired of being left out of “PLL” based conversations.

House of Cards – The first two episodes have been quite epic. 11 more episodes to go!

Newsroom – Sorkin, I love you.

Girls – I have a love/hate and one-sided relationship with Girls. I might as well get season 2 over with.

Game of Thrones – The fact that my access to HBO GO is currently on “pause” is causing much stress.

ER – As part of my 2013 New Year’s Resolution I vowed to watch my favorite show from the very beginning. Currently on season 2 and rooting for Doug + Carol. Retrospect is quite fun!

Let me know what more I should be adding to this list! Are Chicago Fire, Revolution and Nashville worth checking out? Happy TV watching!

There’s something so romantic about being broke in New York. You gotta do it. You have to live there once without any money, and then you have to live there when you have money. Let me tell you, of the two, the latter is far better.

– Amy Poehler

TV Upfronts 2013 :: CBS

CBS has never been a go-to network for me despite my love for The Good Wife. However, like the other network stations, CBS unveiled their plans for the fall this week.


I was half hoping this would be a spin-off of New Girl and would chronicle the newly widowed Mrs. Miller (Nick’s mom) but it turns out that’s not the case. Instead, with Up All Night calling it quits and CBS wanting to add to their comedy slate, we have this slightly uncomfortable sitcom.

MOM ::

I mean, c’mon. It’s Chuck Lorre and Anna Faris and CJ Allison Janney. Just watch it already!


Wish you could watch Jason Bourne on a daily basis? Now you can! Also, to counter Abrams’ cop thriller Almost Human, I kind of like the line about making humans more robot vs. robots more human.


I’m assuming here the title of this new CBS comedy starring Robin Williams (sorry, not a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan) is an allusion to Apple’s now famous “Think Different” campaign. Clever. Also on a clever note, having your show set in ad agency means numerous opportunities for product placement and celebrity plugs. After all, how many times did we see McDonald’s and Kelly Clarkson’s in this teaser? Suddenly I need a Big Mac and to download a song off of iTunes! In the words of Dwight Schrute: False! Hopefully TV watchers won’t be manipulated so easily…


Yes. You are men. Now what? Interesting ensemble though.


Maybe it’s because I’ve only seen Toni Collette in comedic roles did I initially think that this new CBS drama was actually a comedy. But when people started threatening her family and wanting to kill the president, well then, I took the smile off my face. I’m not sure how this will be treated episodically but it looks like a good made for TV movie.

TV Upfronts 2013 :: ABC

ABC had their go today with television upfronts for fall 2013 and they presented a mixed bag of shows ranging from the raunchy comedy of Rebel Wilson to a Once Upon a Time spinoff. Here. We. Go!


Now if only they could do a crossover with The Mindy Project.


I’m more excited to see Bradley Whitford return to television than anything else about this show but having the POV from the trophy wife’s perspective is going to be kind of awesome.

LUCKY 7 ::

Not sure how this story line will carry from week to week, but if it were a movie I’d go and see it.


Looks like a mix between a white version of Everybody Hates Chris and The Wonder Years. I might just catch this one on Hulu.

S.H.I.E.L.D. ::

I’m only watching the pilot because ER alum Ming-Na is playing what looks like a total badass.


Well hello Omar Epps. I wonder if this is his first TV show where he won’t be playing a doctor *cough* ER and House *cough.* MD aside, while this looks like an interesting premise, I’m not seeing its potential longevity. However, they could treat it like House of Cards or the last season of Fringe and have it all a be about that one boy’s story for the entire season.


It’s like someone really loved Inception and thought of a practical, non futuristic / sci-fi application for planting the idea seed. This show has guts and I’m curious to see in what ways they can go about manipulating society. Will they ever be caught? Hope so.

The other new ABC shows failed to capture my curiosity. Sofia Vergara’s KILLER WOMEN lacks depth, BACK IN THE GAME looks too cookie-cutter, BETRAYAL just looks uninteresting, I have no opinion about MIXOLOGY and ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND…just say no.