Thirteen New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 ::


Best of luck to all of us who wish to do well this year!

1. Read. At least six books.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

– Dorothy Parker: Complete Poems 

– One book by Ernest Hemingway

– Finish Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

– Two more to be decided 😀

2. Exercise. As Nike's slogan clearly iterates – just do it. 

3. Write. Specifically I intend to at least write out outlines for the stories swirling around in my head that are slowly making me mad. "Mad" as in the 'Alice in Wonderland' sense of the word.

4. Experience NYC. I work hard, long hours M – F, but gosh darnit, I need to make more out of my Saturdays and Sundays exploring this grand city that I live in now! For example, I wouldn't mind seeing a ballet, go museum hopping or attend a broadway show every once in a while.

5. Cook. I cook, don't get me wrong, but I tend to only cook two things for my dinners; spaghetti w/ broccoli or pan seared tilapia with broccoli. It's time to expand my culinary horizons at least once a month.

6. ER. For 15 years this show wowed me with its awesomeness. It's time to turn back time to 1994 and rediscover why America fell in love with County General in the first place. Plus, it'll be interesting to see what allusions I missed while watching the early seasons as a grade schooler.

7. Write. Yep, it's making a second appearance on this list.

8. Photograph. Ever since moving to NYC I've been a bit DSLR shy. I'll need to work up the courage to wield my beloved Canon Rebel once more.

10. Travel. Enough said. 

11. Print. Hard drives have crashed one too many times. Can't wait to try out MPix. They even offer square sized for your favorite Instagram photos! 

12. Volunteer. Whether it was gleaning yams in an east Texas field or manning triage in an understaffed ER, volunteering always made the best memories.

13. Write. Does this post count?


PS: Bought up all these vintage, New Year postcards at The Raven Bookstore whilst in Lawrence. Please excuse the watermark >.<


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