Callie + Jerry :: NYC Visit

The lovely duo of Callie and Jerry came to town two weekends ago and we had quite the packed adventure. Their first night in we met for Thai food in NoHo, near NYU. When I asked our waitress what vegetables were included in the “steamed vegetables” she responded with, “steamed vegetables.” The night continued like this.

Saturday we woke early and headed to Brooklyn to walk in the fog heavy Brooklyn Bridge Park and to trek back to Manhattan with the epic New York City skyline peeking between the low hanging clouds. I was excited at the chance to FINALLY ride the carousel, but alas we were too early to enjoy the horses. 



After that we walked our way up Broadway into SoHo, stopping into shops along the way. We had lunch at SoHo Cafe and had ourselves a little fun in Madewell. Before heading to Union Square, we got a taste of Scholastic HQ and to my horror discovered a Katniss Everdeen Barbie. I never want to see that again!


Thanks to the fabulous Nadine, we were alerted of the Etsy Pop-up shop in SoHo and while Callie and I were in wonderland, it was lacking in male engagement. Oh wells, the blind gift-wrappers were a hoot to watch and we were able to watch Kate Thomas from Little Things Studio create her signature letterpress cards. And then we stopped for coffee.


As I suspected, Callie and Jerry loved The Strand, and after we got lost in the aisles somewhere between Espionage and Photography, the High Line was our next destination.


Once at the top we lounged on the wooden benches and took in the Hudson. We leisurely walked half of it and as the sun set we realized we needed to eat dinner before heading off to the opera!


Coincidentally enough we settled on a restaurant in Chelsea called Don Giovanni, sharing the name of the opera we would be seeing later that evening. However, they told us our food would take 30 minutes and so we decided to try somewhere up in my neighborhood. Both Jerry and I resisted the urge to snag the basket of bread as we left.

We settled on Chinese take-out and ironed and ate and quickly finished getting ready. The walk to The Metropolitan Opera house killed my feet, but I felt as grand as Hilary Clinton standing up on the balcony, watching the other opera goers pour onto the velvety, red carpet.


I fell asleep a lot, I was tired and it lasted three and a half hours (!), but I enjoyed what I heard and the pyrotechnics didn’t hurt either. Although, I think I’ll stick to going to the ballet as my high brow, fancy art scene thing for a while. On that note, can’t wait for ABT’s Romeo and Juliet and Le Corsaire this spring / summer!

Sunday we moseyed on over to Cafe Lalo, where we squeezed into an intimate corner and had our spread of Belgian Waffles, fresh fuits, and coffee. We ended our trip at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and while it was good being in a church again, I kept getting frustrated by all the changes in the prayers that Benedict made. Argh.


Anywho, in the end Callie and Jerry’s trip was a success and it would be a week until Ingrid came to visit the next weekend!

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