Breaking Out the Ice Skates

Is it really December already? Time sure does fly by. Play it again for me Sam ;D 

All right. With the crisp November weather afoot in good ‘ol NYC, Alissa and I decided to break out the ice skates and kick off the late fall / winter season with a bit of ice skating. Central Park was too expensive, and we weren’t quite sure about Rockefeller Center, so Bryant Park was out best bet. 

After wandering around for a good 15 minutes trying to find the entrance, we finally laced up our skates (Alissa’s bad ass and has her own pair) and tested the ice. Apparently there is such things as Skate Guards (like life guards) who chide you for using your cell phone while ice skating. I obviously ignored their warnings.


The sun was high, the sky was blue, and we happened to go on family day, so there were owls around and some kiddie rock concert happening in the distance. 


We did well for 2.5 hours until some punk kid locked his blades with mine and I went right down on my knees. Ouch. Anywho, it was a fun afternoon and afterward I had my first croissant! 





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