Sandy ::

Well it looks like I survived my first Hurricane and Halloween in NYC. The days leading up to Sandy were eerily calm and quiet, and while I waited too long to buy new batteries for my grandfather’s flashlight, the roommate and I did stock up on food, matches and candles.

My little spot in Manhattan rests a safe 200+ feet above the Hudson River. Fortunately, all we experienced were flickering lights and hellacious winds as I tried to keep my mind off the weather and decided to see what Pretty Little Liars is all about it. Be careful, it’s addictive! 

However, south of Penn Station, things were a bit different. My office located in SoHo somehow secured a generator for our floor so we were up and running in less than 12 hours. Artists from post houses all over lower Manhattan flocked to our safe haven of power and light to make their deadlines. But having to commute 10 miles without subway, bike or car proved quite difficult. I was able to get a hang of the bus system pretty quickly, despite the sketchy neighborhoods I had to wait for transfers in, and leaving work after the sunset felt like I was on NBC’s Revolution. My coworkers guided us flashlightless souls with headlamps up the Avenues until we reached the promised land where electricity ran free north of 26th. I will say though I did enjoy my morning treks to work through the West Village; the buses wouldn’t go further than W 14th Street.


Ft. Tryon Park was destroyed, but I can’t really complain for our NJ neighborhoods and the outlying boroughs were hit much much worse. I’m just glad my fellow KU alum Marples is safe and sound! 


I guess here’s to New York adventures…

A great write up by New York magazine’s John Homans |



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