Election Night 2012 ::


Oh to practicing our democratic freedoms and voting in the 2012 presidential election!

After catching wind of the pop and circumstance being set up down at Rockefeller Center, I made haste afterwork to bask in the glory of election night underneath the lit American flags, in front of an ice rink converted into a a map of America, and having Brian Williams reporting live on a platform above me. It was heaven. We watched as the different window washing units decorated in either Romney red or Obama blue climbed slowly up the iconic Rockefeller building. 


Directly in front of us was security annoyingly trying to keep the pathway in front of the ice rink clear. He’d yell out to the crowd, “Where’d the pathway go?” and we’d boldly respond, “I don’t know! Did we put it in our pocket?” He was only slightly amused.

I befriended two sets of Londoners who were here visiting and I had my mom and cousin on speed dial so they could inform me on what states had provided the electoral college votes per candidate. That was the one annoying thing; NBC wasn’t broadcasting the broadcast, picture nor sound, out to the audience freezing outside in the cold, November wind. But oh well.

I watched as the West coast votes came in and Obama’s unit up the building sprang to life. The atmosphere on the subway home was a joyous one and it was nice to see people sharing and interacting in their euphoric state when usually the trains are deathly silent and you’re rocked to sleep by the white noise and the slight jostle of the car zooming down the dark tunnels.


Obama took his time gracing the stage for his acceptance speech, but I was glad I chose to stay up until 2AM to catch it. Here’s to another four years. “Earn this,” I say, “Earn this.”



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