Sandy hit yesterday; her winds blowing on trees like dandelions, the leaves circling in the chaotic sky before slamming, heavy with rain, against the windows. But today was cold, wet, cloudy and calm and as the sun set, Amanda and I decided it was time to carve our handpicked pumpkin. 

Because of early onset indecisiveness, we settled for a round of Hocus Pocus. Then after jamming out to “I Put a Spell on You” and searching IMDB to see what happened to Thora Birch’s acting career, we settled on the iconic Mockingjay from The Hunger Games trilogy. Awesomeness followed as we cut, traced, carved and stabbed our little pumpkin. The Civil Wars and Frank Ocean flowed out of the red Jambox and we finished the evening by fashioning a semi-stable candle contraption inside the pumpkin, turning off the lights and admiring our handiwork.

Happy Halloween!





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