Helicopters, Pumpkins and Graveyards, Oh My! :: Weekend Trip to CT

I visited a college friend of mine up in CT this weekend and had an absolute blast. It was “Family Day” at Sikorsky where my friend LeAnn is employed and we were able to see from start to finish the process in which army and naval helicopters are built. While I couldn’t take pictures on the inside [ secret service might have jumped me ], we were able to climb into the bowels of the beasts once outside the factory and hanger walls. I totally geeked out over the Medvac helicopters, where I learned that there’s usually one medic per four patients and that some Medvac helicopters had up to six fold down gurneys that come from out of the wall called litters. They let me climb inside one as I got my history lesson. Then there was free lunch provided by Panera; yum!


Next up was a trip to the pumpkin patch. We found Jones Family Farm easily enough and it was quintessentially perfect. Against the backdrop of rolling hills alive with fiery red and golden yellow foliage and a bright blue sky, I went on a quest for the perfect pumpkin. And while the corn maze was no Gary’s Berries, the corn stalks were so tall I felt that I had shrunk to the size of Thumbelina. The apple cider was delicious and there were plenty of mini white pumpkins to pick from to adorn my desk with later. On a random note, I swore I saw Avril Lavigne.


After Jones, we chilled in LeeAnn’s backyard where we played acornball – hitting acorns across the yard with a found metal pipe – and watched as LeeAnn’s downstairs neighbors had a lively familial conversation while trying to start a gasoline powered Go Kart. 


As the sun set, we loaded up in the truck and headed to Lake Compounce, Connecticut’s version of Six Flags. It’s actually America’s oldest theme park! We wandered the park for a bit as the temperature dropped with the disappearance of the sun. I walked through a fake graveyard pumped with mist and fog and saw a terrifying pumpkin-man-thing come to life and tower above us. We eventually ended up at the haunted graveyard and had my first haunted house experience. The strobes were terrifying and brilliant and after an hour of horror, my voice was nearly gone because of all the screaming. We retired to the house to watch the series finale of Dinosaurs – something I missed out on in 1994.



Sunday morning LeeAnn and I had a nice breakfast before I boarded the MetroNorth train back to NYC.




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