Homesick :: Roshi Fernando [book]

Last night I finished reading HOMESICK by Roshi Fernando. It was a bit messy, a string of vignettes held together by the protagonist’s familial ties to everyone, but in the end it came together quite beautifully. I’d recommend it. Review :: The Guardian 



The Mindy Project ::

I’m too tired and excited to go into detail on why everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should watch The Mindy Project when it premieres in late September on Fox, but let’s just say there’s finally a piece of female centric, fresh and hilariously imaginative comedy that I think can more than adequately follow the likes of Tina Fey with 30 Rock and Amy Poehler with Parks and Recreation. Whew. Long sentence. The Mindy Project had me LOL-ing and brought me near tears just in the first five minutes. Plus, Mindy’s show had the best swag at the “FOX Tuesdays” comedy premiere event I attended tonight at an AMC in Times Square. So thank you Mr. Fillmore for hooking me up with tickets and thank you FOX and AMC for the free swag, popcorn and soda. ‘Twas an unforgettable Sunday night. 






[movie] trailer tuesday ::

Morning all! Today's installment of [movie] trailer Tuesday takes us to the land of the Toronto International Film Festival. First up is Silver Linings Playbook starring DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in this offbeat dramedy about two struggling souls trying to make their lives work within normal societal terms. I'm glad to see these three back in the indie circuit. The other comes from the writer of Training Day with End of Watch, which stars Michael Pena, Jack Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick and America Ferrera to name a few in this high octane cop drama. Can. Not. Wait! Happy Tuesday everyone!

On a sad note, Baz Luhrman has pushed the release date back of the much anticipated The Great Gatsby; it's now due in summer 2013.