The Area Code Project ::


"Three simple numbers – your area code – root you in your present. They remind you of your past. It's time to connect. To reconnect. Produce something authentic and do not be afraid to re-ignite local pride." – McQuade. Found here. You can explore and buy here. It'd be nice to own a 214, 312, and a 913 😀


Make the Rules. Just Do It ::

Nike's new Olympic spot "Voices" highlights legendary Olympian women who paved the way for women and girls today. They made their own rules. Great spot Nike. 

[Movie] Trailer Tuesday ::

Good morning! Happy [Movie] Trailer Tuesday everyone! Got the chance to see Pixar's Brave yesterday and am excited to see a "kids" movie later this year named Wreck it Ralph. It looks like quite the heartwarming adventure! Also on the docket today is a little indie dramedy starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg. An unlikely duo in my opinion, but it looks like it's going to work in Celeste and Jesse Forever. And finally, a movie I hope to see at the Walter Reade theatre at Lincoln Center, is Ruby Sparks. Starring Paul Dano (for whatever reason I really like this actor) and Zoe Kazan, it follows the surprising circumstance of a struggling writer who's fictional character manifests herself in reality as his perfect girlfriend. What he writes comes true. Kind of reminds me of Stranger Than Fiction, but looking forward to see nonetheless. Enjoy!