Rebecca, Bilbo, Gatsby and Anne ::


It looks like this summer’s reading list will be filled with childhood nostalgia. It may be because I moved to NYC a month ago and I need something to hold onto. Maybe I just enjoy reading past favorites. And maybe two of these titles will be hitting the big screen come this Christmas…but I’ll try not to over analyze this too much.

First up, I’ll be finishing Rebecca. I first read this book in 8th grade, us girls passing around a copy for a month in a particular math class. Beating Northanger Abbey by only a smidgen, Rebecca, is my favorite gothic novel. Also, did you know that it was Hitcock’s first film adaption and the only film he won an Oscar for? Likewise (oh transition verbs!), the same author wrote a short story called The Birds that Hitchcok also took a liking too.

Second on the list is The Hobbit. This book first came into my possession in middle school as required reading. I took it to summer camp, it got stolen by some mean girls, and then I got the book back by “misfiring” an arrow at the archery station. Let’s just say I assume they thought twice before stealing my copy of Redwall…that copy did not fare as well as The Hobbit. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for the Peter Jackson adaptation come Oscar season.

Thirdly, I’ll be dusting off my high school English copy of The Great Gatsby. Why? Because of this awesomeness below ::

And while Robert Redford and Mia Farrow did look quite dapper, I’ll be seeing Baz Luhrman’s opening night.

Fourth, but not least, I’d like to delve back into Jane Austen’s last novel, and my favorite of hers, Persuasion. I just love the story line and how infuriated at Anne I get. Elizabeth and Sir Walter make quite the father/daughter relationship and it’s always the youngest ones that are humurously eccentric. 

Well, that’s that. Here’s to reading and diving into worlds beyond our own reality!

2 thoughts on “Rebecca, Bilbo, Gatsby and Anne ::

  1. Thank you MKQI for your musings! I am going out today to look for a copy of Rebecca! I hope we get to see you while in NY.

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