Intro to After Effects :: General Assembly

Literally the day I landed in NYC, my roommates hooked me up with some amazing, web-based resouces. Two of them, Skillshare and General Assembly, paritcualary captured my attention because I’m finding more and more that creative employers are looking for people who are savvy with After Effects. So I said, “Why not!” I’ve jumped ship to NYC already, why not finally jump into the deep end and try to master the elusiveness of AE?

Long story short, I took an hour and half class down at General Assembly and while AE was truly daunting and difficult and I’m still not sure I can remember everything I learned, I did walk out of the class with this little fancy logo animation below. It looks simple enough, but believe me, this took me one hell of an evening to produce. 

Oh, and while trying to find my destination I memorized the wrong address and was convinced for a good ten minutes that General Assembly was pulling a 12 Grimmauld Place on me because of my inevitable muggleness.


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