Hello New York City ::


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to celebrate my 25th birthday in a new city. Well, apparently the NYR Fairy got the message wrong, and through a series of events, I have now found myself living in New York City days before I turn 24.

I am grateful for my good friends Rebecca and Amanda to welcome me with open arms into their amazing apartment in this great city. While I’m here, I’ll be hopefully working some retail to have some sort of income and applying like mad for full time positions all over the city. Perhaps I’ll even run into the likes of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler while I’m at it.

These next few months are going to be interesting ones. They’ll be full of hope, frustration and opportunity. I just pray something positive is waiting for me at the end of this road.

But enough with the sappy hopes and dreams that I wish to obtain in the near future.

My first day in New York was amazing. The sky was clear and blue, and the high couldn’t have been above the low 60s; my kind of day. After depositing my luggage, Rebecca, Amanda and I went for a beautiful walk in TryonPark where we’re 99.9% sure we spotted Aubrey Plaza (April on “Parks and Recreation”) participating in a wedding. Then we wandered down toward New Leaf, where Matt Damon and Emily Blunt stole a quick lunch with one another in The Adjustment Bureau. From there we had dinner at a local restaurant then retired to the apartment to listen to music, learn about the different neighborhoods and boroughs of Manhattan, and to work on my confidence in battling the subway. I also learned that one does not go to the Target in the Bronx despite their strong desire to do so.


In the end I was tired and exhausted and immediately fell asleep when my head hit that glorious pillow.

Oh, and we also spotted a Google Street Car! 



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